Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Social Influential Marketing Report da Razorfish

Ecco i risultati di una ricerca chiamata"Fluent" sul Social Influential Marketing realizzato da Razorfish.

Potete leggere, scaricare e twittare il documento qui.

The survey and conversational driven research also busts three myths about Social Influence Marketing.

1. That companies have figured out how to build their brands in social media. They haven't. For example, six out of 10 consumers don't bother to seek out opinions of brands via social media.

2. That television is dead. It isn't. Consumers view TV ads as more trustworthy than ads on social networks. Marketers need to do more in the social realm, but they need to do it in a way that builds trust first. Brands don't have the trust today.

3. That you cannot measure in the social web. Not only do campaign specific metrics matter and can be measured but we believe a SIM Score for the social web is extremely important. Think of it as the blood pressure for the brand in the social web. In the report, we introduce this index and show the SIM Scores of 5-6 brands in 4 industries. We also compare the online numbers to offline share of voice data to demonstrate how those two worlds are blurring.

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