Wednesday, February 25, 2009

La Nuova Generazione di Marketers in Uk

Una settimana dopo la pubblicazione della classifica dei 100 marketer piĆ¹ forti del momento, Marketing Magazine ha identificato le giovani promesse del marketing in Uk. Questi alcuni nomi affiancati da suggerimenti per i giovani interessati al settore. 

Alex Kelly, 29 - Menswear marketing manager, Marks & Spencer
Advice 'Don't specialise too soon unless you are really excited by the sector. Find your consumer through multiple channels.'

Peter Charles, 30 - Senior brand manager, PepsiCo UK & Ireland
Advice 'Know your market inside out.'

Lucy Gleeson, 27 - Business insight and strategy manager, McDonald's
Advice 'Choose to work for a brand you are passionate about, and always remain objective.'

Alex Brittain, 27 - Innovation manager, Mars
Advice 'Have confidence in your own judgement.'

David Stratton, 27 - Senior brand manager, Beck's, InBev
Advice 'Make sure you work on a brand you are passionate about.'

Anouska Feiler, 30 - Marketing director, Red Bull
Advice 'Go the extra mile and trust your gut feeling. If you work hard, everything will work out well.'

Aude Neveu, 29 - Senior brand manager, Prada and Comme des Garcons
Advice 'Know your market and customers if you want to be at the forefront of trends.'

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