Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Fennex AG: Augmented Hearing Solutions

Today I start a new venture at Fennex AG!

Fennex offers augmented hearing through software-based solutions that enhance social experiences while overcoming challenging listening situations. At Fennex, we believe that joy comes from social connection, surprise and humanity. Therefore, we want to enhance the ability of people to connect one another in meaningful ways. Digitally-enabled conversations have the potential to make our social experiences effortless, inspiring and engaging. In forging communications we support self-expression, inspire passion and build confidence through a personal and communal sense of pride. This unleashes people's willingness to share, and allows them to do so without sound barriers. Fennex AG is an innovation driven start-up located in the Swiss Goldcoast on the Lake of Z├╝rich. ‘A young and dynamic team made of marketing and engineering nerds’ - Fox

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