Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Influencer Marketing: chi influenza davvero i tuoi consumatori?

What’s the way to get people’s attention if you can't interrupt them anyone? You get their permission.

An analogy – there are two ways to get married. The first is to go to a singles bar and ask the first person you see if they want to marry you. If the answer is no, ask the next person. Repeat until successful.

The second way is called ‘dating’. You go on a date. You get permission to go on another date. And another. Eventually you meet the parents (huge permission). Finally you get married.

Marketing is like the first method – hit-and-miss and probably very annoying too. Marketing should be like dating. You ask for permission to have a conversation. If you don’t annoy anyone you can ask for more permission.

How do you know if you have permission? Here’s the test: “Would people call you if you didn’t show up?” in other words, if you promised them something valuable in return for their permission, that’s personal and relevant, and then you didn’t deliver it, does it have sufficient value for them to get in touch?

Duncan Brown - Infuse Blog

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